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Principles and Practices of Online Teaching Certificate Program



PP104: "Teaching Vocabulary and Grammar Online"

(September 6 - October 3, 2010)




Dafne Teresa 



Dear participants,


Welcome to our course "Teaching Vocabulary and Grammar Online".


In the "Content" section of the navigation bar, you will find the Syllabus for the course, as well as the activities to be completed each week.


Make yourself at home and browse around the platform. If you have any question, do not hesitate to get in touch with us through the Help forum in the "Discussion" section (navigation bar).


You can start by completing your Profile page (a photo would be appreciated) and sending your introduction, as explained in the Week 1 document (content section).


Please read the attached document below (introduction.doc) where we take you on a brief tour around the areas of this platform that we will be using in this course. Besides D2L, we will be using a wiki to carry out some of the activities planned for the course.

This the link to the wiki: http://pp104tesol2010.pbworks.com/ . You have been invited to this wiki. Please, accept the invitation.


Looking forward to your participation!

Dafne and Teresa



Introduction to Desire to Learn (D2L)





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